Elect Doug Basler

Elect Doug Basler


Why vote for me?

I believe that the greatest system of government is ours. It was designed so that each of our neighbors would go to elected office and serve for a time, then come home and live under the laws and consequences that they worked to pass. This was the greatest form of accountability. It was never intended to be dominated by career politicians, special interests and big money. I am absolutely committed to faithfully represent you and your family in the US Congress. I will not be bullied or bribed into betraying the trust of the hard working people and families of the 9th District and Washington State.

Your priorities must come first and as your elected official I will get to work day one to make sure you are heard and responded too. Please feel free to contact me with your questions, priorities and concerns. Remember to talk to your friends and vote Doug Basler and return your ballot by November 8th.

email: candidate@dougbasler.com