Elect Doug Basler

Elect Doug Basler




The role of government in society is to insure that all people are treated fairly and equitably. It is improper for elected officials and government agencies to play favorites by picking winners and losers based on income, social status or worse, political contributions. The U. S. Government was created and designed to act as a referee to guarantee a fair and level playing field for our families, businesses, and communities. It was never intended to take the field and compete directly with them. Citizen involvement in the political arena combined with proper management and accountability while handling the public trust and treasury is a requirement for a free and prosperous nation. The government should be focused on what it does best: provide defense and public safety, and creating and maintaining infrastructure.


Family and Community

The foundation of society is family and community. A nation’s strength is derived from them. By protecting and encouraging strong families, the prosperity and safety of everyone is enhanced. It is critical to provide our communities with a stable, predictable environment that offers everyone an equal opportunity for success and growth. Respecting and honoring foundational American values is critical to the success of our families.


The Economy

The strongest economy the world has ever seen was created by freedom, innovation and private enterprise. The greatest lifter of citizens out of poverty into financial independence and secure retirement has been home ownership. Today, this system of national prosperity is increasingly threatened by continuously rising taxes, manipulation and regulation of the mortgage and credit sectors, and a relentless assault on private property rights. Reinvigorating the economy will require a fresh approach to proper regulation of the banking and financial sectors, plus incentivizing domestic businesses so that they will once again choose America first for manufacturing, service and technology investments that create high paying jobs and a vibrant financial future here in Washington State and across the nation.


National Security and Public Safety

Most Americans agree that the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, and naturally public and personal safety is a paramount concern. This is not the time to play politics with our armed forces, police and national security. We must be vigilant to stand guard over our coasts and borders and to properly provide quality protection without sacrificing our constitutional safeguards of privacy, presumption of innocence and due process. A strong military, properly equipped and professionally trained is vital to our national defense. A diverse and competent police force that reflects the community and that unbiasedly enforces the law is necessary for the safety of our neighborhoods.

The threats to our peace and security are not insurmountable if we implement a strategy of prevention against cyber warfare, terrorism and international instability. We must work to protect our information systems, harden our power grids and safeguard our public meeting places. We no longer have time to waste to combat these vulnerabilities.


The Environment

The United States has long been the world leader in conservation, protection and management of the environment, all while protecting private ownership of property and maintaining a vibrant economy. Decreasing dependence on fossil fuels and broad utilization of emerging energy resources and technologies insures that we will continue to grow the economy while protecting our environment. The simple fact is that if the U.S. stopped using all fossil fuels tomorrow, the global reduction of carbon emissions would be negligible at best. International cooperation must be an integral component in the reduction of environmental hazards.



We all know America’s immigration system is broken. Many highly qualified and desirable immigrants are forced to wait up to ten years just to gain legal entry into the United States. With today’s technological advances this shouldn’t take ten days. The result is that millions of undocumented immigrants enter the country illegally for a chance at the American dream. While it is imperative that we secure our borders, especially in this time of heightened international tension and threats. We must also work together with employers, non-profit organizations and government agencies to revitalize our immigration systems, guest worker and student visa programs, in order to fulfill the demands of business, agriculture and education while protecting the security and sovereignty of our nation.



Despite constant increases in funding, the United States continues to decline in academic achievement in comparison to the rest of the world. It is time to reconsider the current educational “one size fits all” philosophy which is exemplified through program based curriculum like Common Core. It’s time to restore local control and choice in education and to allow each parent, school and school district to make decisions in the best interests of the local families and communities.